PGA Professional Ted Perez Jr. has over 45 years teaching experience. Learn to understand your swing and improve in any aspect of the game of golf.

Knowing the grip, posture, aim, and correct ball position for you are fundamentals needed before you can even move the club. Learn what your swing is and how to repeat your swing as often as possible. Learn you tempo or pace to your swing will hekp you become a more consistent ball striker. Improve your balance and everything becomes more consistent.

I also believe working on improving your small swing will improve your big swing. The chipping and pitching swing is the foundation to the full swing. A better wedge game leads to lower scores, I guarantee it.
Improvement is a choice. All you need is the desire.

Get Golf Ready 2023 schedule:
Mondays, April 17-May 15 GGR 1
Tuesdays, April 18-May 16 GGR 2
Wednesdays, April 19-May 17 GGR 1
6-7:30pm for five consecutive Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays. All on golf course instruction includes learning all the shots, differences with golf clubs, rules and etiquette, how to play the game and have fun.
Contact info is below. 

Lesson Type Length Fee
Individual 45 Minutes  
Small Group 1 Hour 2 for
Small Group 1 Hour 3 for
Small Group 1 Hour 4 for 0
Junior 30 Minutes  

Clubs available for beginners. Gift certificates available. Lessons by appointment only.

Call me at (413) 568-1539, 413-575-0793, or e-mail me at tperezjr@eastmountaincc.com for more information.